Style Statement


The Spanish prime minister posed with his glamorous cabinet this week, and the style editor of the DT wrote an article, comparing those stylish cabinet  ministers with our own. There was a picture of our home secretory in a rather tight jacket and skirt. Tessa jowel in what looked like a fishermans parka, the tries hard Mrs Becket , and I was surprised to see even Theresa May, who was labelled as “clothes and accessories “which should never see the light of the day”!

So what is it that we require from our female politicians? Why are they said to look like ladies of the frump? The female MPs on the other hand say that the work load is to be blamed for them looking un kempt. They are not just ministers, but they are MPs with constituents. There is not the time ;they lament.

And it seems if they turn up looking too groomed to one of their local meetings,it is considered that they are skimping on the work load and spending time preening themselves.

But we do admire a beautiful and groomed woman dont we? Look at he column inches given to Carla Sarkozy. The Princess of Wales was admired for her looks and dress,and we all looked eagerly to see what she was wearing whenever she appeared in the public.Men might not know the nitty gritty of the styles, but they did admire the finished package, which was Daina!  So why is it frivilous for the ministers to spend time looking good?

It is a bit unfair is it not, that on the one hand the media, and a serious newspaper like the Telegraph, can print articles comparing our cabinet ministers unfavourably;to the stylish French and Spanish ones. And on the other hand the constituents, that is you and I,demand that their MPs spend less time grooming, and more time working.

And dont tell me please that you dont care what they look like, YOU DO!!

All men like looking at a well turned out and attractive woman. However serious minded they may be, and however much they tell you that they dont care. They do. So why this pretence ? Why the insistence that serious women dont and should`nt care about the aesthetics?

It was Coco Chanel , who said;” Dress shabbily, the notice the dress.Dress impeccably, they notice the woman”.

So why deny it?

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