It seems at any given time,almost half of the females living in the west are on a diet of some kind or other.

I confess that I have signed on  to the weightwatchers on line. And am religiously charting every item that passes my lips, during the course of every twenty four hours. I pay quite a lot for the previllage too. I weigh myself every monday and make sure there is nothing on me which will show up on the scales. Including my jewellery.It matters!  if I have lost some, and when I chart it, I get a hurrah, on the page! or else am given some soothing words to lesson my disappointment.

And I consider myself, a reasonably intelligent and mature woman!

For a television programme when they interviewed children, girls as young as seven years old,said that they are ashamed of their body.It seems that the celebrity culture and the obsession with body image are driving girls as young as seven to hate their bodies and brand themselves as “fat”.

There are all sorts of diets, from liquid to drinking just seaweed extracts and eating just bananas/ grapefruits and even eggs. Liquid diets which reduce weight very fast. And am sure those who follow it miss the chewing, which is an integral part of the digestive process and also helps to satisfy our hunger.

But how can you blame us the ordinary folks, when we get such mixed messages from the media and the health department. It will confuse anyone. One day we are as a nation getting obese, then another day anorexia and bullimia is on the rise! Even chubby deputy prime ministers come out claiming that they have been a victim. I have done health education on the radio for quite a while. Being public spirited I wanted to give my time and effort. To the Asian community, about the dangers of obesity and its link with heart disease and diabetes.They have a very high incidence, and their diet doesnt help.

So why do we give/ get such conflicting messages? Why do you /we feel pressurised? Why has the defination of beauty has changed? I thought in the Victorian times women looked well covered. And the way they dressed allowed them a bit of a bulge. So is it the way we dress today, demands that we have a perfect body?

Why do you want to slim? Is it the prssure of media/family or health? And do you think it is healthy that in our society seven year old girls are body concious and fourteen year olds want a boob job?

Where have we gone wrong/ Or are we getting it right?


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