Love is a …

Destructive Force

Can you choose and control, who you fall in love with?

I was reading the case of the Bishop and the Vicar, both have resigned because they are said to be in love. Jonathan Dimbleby, my favourite broadcastor has said to have left his wife of twenty five years to live with an opera singer, who was later diagnosed to have breast cancer and has since died. Jonathan talked about it very movingly. He said that he felt that when he saw her he felt like a “thunder bolt” has hit him!

Prine Charles was in love with a woman for almost twenty five years.And though it cost him so much heart ache and bad publicity, he remained in love, and has married her against all odds.

Sometimes people fall in love with the most unsuitable people. Some affairs lead to disasters, and ruined careers. It seems that people cant help or chose who they fall in love. We have to believe that there is a force at work which is compelling, mad , irrational and blind. It cant just be hormones/ lust and desire to get hold of the other`s monies.But am sure it helps!

Some cultures dont accept this phenomen. Asian cultures still follow the tradition of arranged marriages. Love they say, grows after marriage. But there is no denying that there is something in that mad and bad word LOVE!

So tell me, can you choose who you fall in love? Have you fallen in love with someone you should not have? And doyou have any sympathy with those who fall in love with “UN suitable people?

Or do you think it is all a delusion, hyped up by novelists, poets and movies?


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