Touching our Soul

The author Sebastian Faulks, revealed his list of forty books that have inspired him the most.
The Telegraph has asked its “star writers” to name their books. Books that have touched their souls.
Sometimes you pick up a book, without knowing much about it. But when you start reading, you find that it goes deeper into you. It touches the inner core of your feelings. And when you have finished and put it away, you find that you keep thinking about the characters. . And whenever there is talk of books and reading, you find yourself, talking about it.
I don’t think there are more than one or two books, which grab your imagination like this. Though most of us read a lot of books, we can only readily remember a few.
In other words the ones which have touched our soul

I have two memorable books. They have grabbed my soul, and have stayed with me since.

The first one is “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”. By the French journalist Jean Dominique Bauby,
It is amazing how this book as written. Bauby was a young journalist who suffered a stroke, when he was young and on the peak of his career, this left him paralysed and in a condition known as “locked-in syndrome”. He was not able to move or talk. A transcriber repeatedly recited a French language frequency ordered alphabet. Until Bauby blinked his left eyelid to chose the next letter.
It took 200, 000 blinks to complete the book. Each word took about two minutes to complete.
And yet the book is engaging, optimistic and a great read. it really puts everything into perspective. I loved it and I read it whenever am feeling down.

The other book is “The Kite Runner” BY Khaled Hossieni. An Afghani doctor, who now lives in the USA, after seeking asylum there, this, is his first book. He has lived through both the Russian invasion and the Taliban rule of is country. He writes with honesty and great style. The rape and pillage of his country. The story of friendship and betrayal. Heart wrenching and full of human frailty. A book I will probably not forget in hurry.

So what are the books which have touched your soul? something which influenced you, or changed your thinking? If you would recommend it to someone, what will you say and why?
Am sure all of us have read at least on such book, even if we don’t read every day.
Please tell us about it.

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