Mixed Relationships

They say that the opposite attracts, and it is very true.
There is a big rise in inter racial marriages, and people find the different colour and physic very attractive.
I have always had a huge weakness for blue eyes. I have never failed to go weak at the knees, when talking to someone with who has them!
More and more western men are marrying Asian/ African women and vice versa.
These relationships are not easy though. Most parents wish their children to marry, someone from their own culture. And often this is the reason that a lot of young people keep their relationships secret. It is said there are men and women, like some journalists who have been to war zones. Risked their lives and reported from battlefields; but have not been able to gather courage to tell their parents, that they have a boy/girl friend from a different race!

Recently someone wrote an article in one of the newspapers, saying how she has a thing about Asian men. She found them very attractive!

So what is the most important thing you would look for in the opposite sex? More and more western men are marrying Asian women. What is it that they find most attractive?
And as a parent, how would you react, if your son or daughter brought a person from a different race home? Will you just accept that they are just two young people in love, and they should have the freedom to spend their life with who ever the want, or will you be disapproving? Do parents have a right to make such decisions?

And what about you? Have you ever been attracted to some one from a different race? What was it that attracted you, and if you married someone from another race/culture?
How has life been?
Marriages can be difficult in any culture. But is it harder work if it is with someone from an alien culture?

I wonder!

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