I love my cat and he happens to be black. I understand that in this country if a black cat crosses your path it is considered lucky.

It seems this is not the case for the Catholic countries of Southern Europe. In italy they are considered evil; witches cats. They are in some cases hunted down and killed by superstitious old women.

In India and other Asian countries this is the case. Any black animal crossing your path is considered inauspicious. There are many other superstitions, like you should not give a friend or a loved one any thing sharp. Like a knife or any other cutting implement.. If you do then they should pay for it, or should give you at least a coin in return.The same goes for handkerchiefs, it is said if you give one to a friend; the friendship will soon end!

Cutting nails or hair after sunset is also considered unlucky. If someone sneezes as you set off, then you should postpone your journey at least for another  hour or so! And if you happen to have a cold then you should not,I suggest be around in the morning, when people are setting out for work.

Weddings are another delicate areas, there are so many old wives tales and restrictions , that the place becomes almost a no go area.

I was wondering what are the superstitions and restrictions in the cultures you know? It will be very intersting to know, what sort of myths are around the world?

Have you family tradition or a custom which is based on it?

Do please tell.


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