Home is…..

Here I am! Back home,a bit frayed at the edges but none the less in one piece!

My heart always misses a beat when the aeroplane begins its decsent for the UK. The chequred green landscape and the neatly arranged buildings never fail to stir me.

I have often wondered what it is that makes someone love a country? A lot is said about the motherland. The country you are born in,you are meant to love it. As in most cases it provides you the oppurtunities and the wealth to better yourself. You also have kinship with your coutrymen and the history. Not just that of the country but also of your own. But what about those who adopt another? Some one recently wrote a comment on my blog saying that England surely is my “second” country. May be because I was not born here?

I would argue that as the saying goes,home is where the heart is. A place which provides you with a good life,wonderful oppurtunities, and where people understand and value you,surely that is the place which should be the dearest to you,whether or not you were born there?

West has so many good practices,which are niether acknowledged nor emulated in the East. Smoking, nudity and promiscuity are copied,and the resulting evil is blamed on the western influence. But things like, fair mindedness,sense of justice,non interference in others lives and taking responsabiility for one`s own actions is also a western attribute,which is niether copied nor known about. Moderation, being innocent till proven guilty and allowing your children to lead their own life and freedom? In the East everyone is so threatened with the wrath of the Gods,if they dare to dispbey them ,that the relationship becomes a burden.

I love this country because it has given me everything I wanted, I have found people who are like minded and have made lasting friendships,so am I wrong in calling it my “first” country? What do other expats think?












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