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It is addictive,that is why am here,moaning and groaning,when the site does`nt allow me to scroll or write comments. But I try and keep coming back ,it is like a drug!

Blogging is said to be the most effective way of getting your message across. Magazines and newspapers have to be beought. But your writing stays on the blogsite, just waiting for someone to scroll, and it just pounces and reveals itself!

In the UK another newspaper launched another blogging site called “comment is free” some three years ago. But the comment is not free. These are hand picked commentators, and they are paid for their troubles. These blogs are, I suspect edited so the freedom is only for the name.

What was free was the vitriol some of the comments generated. The columnist,seasoned though they were,could not believe the abuse they got! They were used to getting the polite and restrained comments,in response to their opinions.Irate but restrained. But in the blogsphere they were being called all sorts of names. So what is the reason that blogs invite such rude comments?

Blogsites should be and like communities. expressing ones opinion in stron terms is fine but being abusive? What does that achieve?

So what do most people think, Should a blogsite be an arena for anything goes or should people excercise some control? After all when you write a letter to a newspaper,you modify your language,however angry you might have been. Why no such restraint on blogs?

Is it important to be polite and non combative in public ? Will you respect someone more if they are polite and well behaved? Or does it not matter what or how you express your views?

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