Will you employ someone who has been convicted of burglary when he was fifteen years old? But since has turned his life around and has worked hard to get education and wants to better himself ?

This is the case in the news today of a young man who has obtained four A levels at grade A.He was offered a place at Imperial College, London to read medicine. But the university has now withdrawn the offer.  They say that to be a docotor you have to have  honesty and integrity.

It is true that people in position of public service,should be worthy of the trust ,we all put in them. They have power on our life and death and we want them to be squeaky clean and astute.  Though this doent mean that we have not had criminals in that profession. We all remember Harold Shipman and shudder. But  it goes without saying that had we had an inkling of his criminal mind then he would not have had that job.

I heard someone say about this case that  if this young man is being denyed a place on the course, then it is done to put doctors on a pedestal . People can make mistakes. And this young man made his , when he was just fifteen years old.

He has since raised a lot of money for charity and done a lot of community service. So in a way he has paid for his mistake. Why should he not be given a chance to better himself?

We every day hear of our MPs and ministers who have slipped up when they were at the university,smoking weed, being drunk and disorderly and even found cheating in exams. But we shrug it off and say that it was a long time ago .

So how about this young man? Should he be given a place on the course of his choice or should he be denied entry into this profession.

Will you trust a doctor who was convicted of burglary? Even if it was a long time ago, or do you think that everyone is entitled to make mistakes in life?

I wonder what your verdict will be?

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