Men and Women


I think men differ a great deal from one continent to other. Men some would say, universally have passion for cars, girls and a good life. But they way they go about getting those differs a great deal.

Men also differ in physique and other attributes. I thought that since we are a global site, I will gather your views on these differences.

I can only talk about Asian men, and what little I know of European men.

Asian men are very macho! Or they like to portray that they are. 

They are brought up from the start to believe that they are special. They are not encouraged to do anything for themselves. Mothers and sisters do everything for them. They are made to believe that they should preserve themselves for what? Err.. I don’t exactly know. But it gives them a sense of superiority from the start 

When they are young men then they eye every girl/woman as their prospective bride. My experience of growing up in India was, that as a girl walked down the street , there will be groups of young men lurking around. Outside shops,  cinemas and colleges. There will be these groups, whistling, inviting you to join them for a coffee, or just simply singing a Bollywood song or  two ,declaring their un dying love for you.

Indian men are wonderful in wooing you, they never tire of telling you, how beautiful you are, your walk, they way you talk, there is a film song around which compares you to things most wonderful.

This all changes once you marry. Be assured that the aim of every Indian man is to marry, not for them relationships which are just friendly. Once you are married though, you are handed over to his mother and sisters. He cn never believe that his mother could be wrong about anything.

The Asian man is all Male! He walks with a swagger, feels it is his birthright to give every female a going over with his eyes, and feel superior to women, children and anything which might put a strain on him.

Where as, the British man is cool and reserved. It will take him a week before he will smile at you, and at least a month and a few drinks before he even hints that he fancies you! He is courteous, has been brought up to look after himself, and the sisters can give him a hard time!

You all are from various cultures and countries/continents, so do tell me what your men are like. And Gentlemen please tell me about your women too.

Am sure there is a lot you can teach me.





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