Black Vogue

The Italian version of the famous magazine Vogue have decided to have an issue with the pictures of all black models. I presume the idea is that they are not as visible as the Anglo Saxon ones, and they should be given a chance.

I somehow feel that this is a publicity stunt. And it must have had an impact, as a “facebook” group is urging the ethnic minorities to buy the magazine, to make a point. As it has also been said that this will be the worst selling issue!

Recently in India, I had access to a library,where all the magazines were available. All the big names were there,as that country is getting richer,the western bussineses are there to sell their ware.

The magazines were full of Asian models. All of them air brushed to look fair. The criteria for being a model is that you should be “fair”! The television shows many adverts of cremes and soaps which make your skin lighter.  I commented nearly fifteen such adverts. So is this a different criteria of beauty or the desire to look like a westerner?

And why should a European magazine publish an all black issue? Why should black models be singled out, why not Chineese, Japaneese , or Mongolians?

Black girls are natural beuaties, they are tall and well built and they DO make famous models. Naomi Campbell, Imman and others come to mind who are very successful and sought after.

I think it is a magazine with dwindlling sales trying to draw attention to itself and boast its sales. It has nothing to do with the welfare of black models.

I hate it when race/ religion is used by big companies and politicians to further their ends.

Dont you ?

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