Could have done better…..


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Am often accused of not teaching religion to my children.


Recently when I was in India, my extended family of aunts
, uncles and cousins were not amused to know that neither of my children have
followed the route to Islam.

It is not that I didn’t tell them about our religion, I did.
I also encouraged them to read about faiths, and also told them what I found
objectionable about doctrine.


I grew up with IN India, but my father had spent his
formative years in England.
From pre-school , and then to university , and he learnt to and always
challenged organised religion. I grew up questioning and debating, and was
allowed to make up own mind, which was something unique  in that country and in the Sixties.


When my children were growing up, there was a war going on
between Iraq and Iran. The news
was full of killing and atrocities on both sides. I was really shocked and
appalled to read and hear about the thousands of children , Iran was sending
to clear the mines, ahead of their forces. They were given a plastic key, and
told that it was the key to paradise. I remember ranting and raving and telling
my children how wrong it was to kill in the name of religion, any religion.

I always believed and told my children too that it was
important to be a decent human being, that honesty and hard work and compassion
for others was what we need to learn and practice. I believed that it was the
essence of every religion, the main aim of it, to make us decent human beings. Turning
us from the savages we were , to civilised beings, which we should be !


Am very proud of how they have turned out. But I do feel
guilty at times. I have nothing against religion, I don’t think any religion is
all bad and I respect people who have a strong faith. May be I envy them a
little. They  are staunch in their
beliefs and are comforted and supported by their God.


I sometime wonder if I have done an injustice to my
children, by letting my prejudices and anger affect them. And then something
comes along, like a bomb somewhere, or people killing another sect as if they
were not humans ,because they worshipped a God different to them, and I feel exonerated.


I wonder if any of you have had such an experience in life?
Do you think it is important to have a faith to be a decent human being?



Has anyone else has children who don’t follow their
faith?   Was I very wrong?

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