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A new comer to this site, at the moment will take one look
at it and will do a runner. The site seems to be full of blogs which are full
of bad language, anger and hate.

It seems there are stalkers, and people who are just out to
get others.


I beg to differ.


Am sorry for WW, it must have been worrying and she must
have felt violated and insulted. But that is ONE blogger among thousands.


I too have posted my email several times on many blogs, and
for a while it was on my profile.

A few people got in touch with me and am glad to say that we
are still in touch and am so pleased that they did, because I have met nothing
but great friendship.

One lady came all the way to visit me, when she was visiting
the UK.
And great it was too. We found so much to talk, and had a great time.

I met another lady wanted to meet, and as she lived near
when I was visiting, we met up twice and have had a great time.

I will mention Papaguinea, by name, who got in touch with me
because I said somewhere that I wanted to learn to play piano. He would write
lessons, and email me. Even photocopying the position of fingers on the keys, and
send me. He must have found the time to do so through his busy day.


I have other friends(bloggers) who are visiting me  sometime this year. Rita Paul remembers the
death anniversary of my father, my birthday and writes to me.

Another blogger who lives in Turkey has been in touch with me, sending
me the pictures of his family. And now that we are going for holiday to that
country this year, he has helped us choose hotels, and invited us to his house
and to the wedding of his brother.

One or two of these bloggers are devout Muslims, and as I am
a critic of certain practices of Islam, and never  join in  on the blogs about religion , and given my lack of faith, am humbled by
the generosity of their spirit, to ask me to be their friend and show me such

Another male blogger is always inquiring after my family and
my dispute with my sister, as he identifies it with his family feud. When I
blogged about my pain, my dilemmas and my difficulties, I met nothing but
support and kindness.

You all know who you are, and it is up to you , if you want
to come out and say,but am really honoured that you have chosen to know me.

Is it that I just have been lucky? Don’t think so. I think
people like to be treated,the way we  ourselves want others to treat us.


I can not imagine why do some people open their comment with
“you are a f….wit,” or you are “Shi….” ?

In real life if we disagree with someone is that is how we
begin? None of us go through life without being hard done by, or annoyed by
others. If our neighbour does something we don’t like, do we knock at their
door and start swearing? I don’t think so. Then why O why the comments here are


No one but no one has the right to call another person
names, or refer to anyone as “fat ass” lazy” and such like. What happened to
civility and politeness?  Just because we
cant see each other does it mean we don’t consider others as humans?


It is possible to have heated and prolonged debate without
resorting to insults and name calling.

People like  Elle,
Rogester, Atrium, Boadicea, Shermeen, Cogito ergo sum, Metin, and Maggie, Squarepeg,
and others have some strong opinions,but they manage to convey them and debate without
being abusive.


It is possible to argue without shouting and hurling abuse.
Please remember we all are grown ups and behave accordingly.


And now am off to get a glass of something and hide!

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