Magic Bullet!


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Women, who are normally
shrewd, sensible and hold responsible jobs, are taken in by the latest fad


The case of Dawn Page is a
case in point. The lady was holding a responsible job, and by no means an
impressionable teenager. But she was talked into following a “detox” diet, which
was bizarre and pointless. Drinking gallons of water and giving up salt in her
diet. The result is tragic, the lady has suffered brain damage and is now
unable to work or lead an independent life.


Why are we led the garden
path when it comes to losing weight? We put away our common sense and judgement
and embrace the latest offering. Such faddy diets come in all shapes and sizes.
They promise you “amazing” and “rapid” weight loss. Just by wearing a patch,
putting a ring with a bead in your ear or just taking some tablets, which they
claim are the discovery of the century, and is “the secret of a tribe, hidden
deep in a jungle”. My cousin who lives in the States, has had a bead put in her
ear lobe, and has to have it twirled every week, at the cost of $50, each time!
She has been given a near starvation diet to follow too. She did lose weight,
and that was due to the diet she followed rigidly. But the twirling of the bead
and the charge was sheer extortion. My cousin is an educated and professional


Most newspapers and other
media tut and condemn such practices, but they all carry advertisements for
such incredible cures. The daily Telegraph carries an advert for a diet by a “doctor”
which promises the loss of a stone in ten days, while you eat and drink wine,
but just eat the right kind of “foods”, which allegedly “melt the fat”.


But what is it that makes us
women go weak at the knees, by the promise of a rapid weight loss? Do we think
we will turn our life around by losing a few pounds, and all the problems will
be solved? Am just the same, I will wake up one morning and catch a glimpse of
my ample figure and will feel disgusted. I will toy with the idea of joining
some slimming club, starting a liquid diet or flick through the internet for
the miracle cures! But by midday, I have found something else to occupy me, and
my high flying ideas are put away for another day! Only to come back and haunt
me, when am feeling vulnerable.

So is it our hormones, our
hormones or our quest for a perfect body, which makes us sign up to such
charlatans? Why are men not affected the same way? And though we women are most
of the time full of wisdom and scepticism, why O why do we abandon it , as soon
as some one promises to make us thinner?


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