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Bloggers Unite

Sometime ago the organisers of this site floated the idea that it will be nice to have a bloggers meeting. The venue was to be London and we all got excited. Welshgirl even did a fantasy blog. As to who will wear what and who will be a suitable dance partner for whom!

And then it came to nothing. Then some of us talked about having a regional bloggers meeting. There are quite a few of us who live in the SouthWest. I know there are quite a few of us, Marya, Amicus, OldieC, JDAspinal, Attila and Janh1. There must be some more that I dont know about.

So what about it? Am I being too presumptious?

Then again why limit it to just local people, it can be iopen to anyone who wants to come.

I could be in Taunton, Bristol or elsewhere?  If Taunton then I can offer my gsrden or we can choose one of the many nice eating places in the town.

Bristol and elsewhere can be looked into.

So how about it? Tell me it is a good/bad idea? Would you like to come ,and where? We can just have drinks/ afternoon tea or whatever suits people.

I was thinking of September ?

I have had a lousy day, and I want to cheer myself up too!

So go on ,tell me what you think of the idea, and would you like it to happen?

Post a comment please, and if people do want to then we can proceed with date/time/ venue etc.

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