Having it All


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We often hear and read about the sink estates and the
children who are neglected by their mothers. Who are un married or un employed,
and in most cases they are both.

A while ago there was a case of a baby dying of a drug
overdose. A toddler has drank the bottle of Methadone and was rushed to
hospital, but didn’t survive.


All of us, including me, shake our heads in despair and
blame the culture and the parents.


Does this means that there are only the poor and un educated
who lead such lives?


Apparently not. An article in today’s magazine talks of a
breed of glamorous, high net worth who appear to be respectable, hold a highly
paid job and are well thought of.


There is a growing trend it seems in such social classes
these days, where, with children tucked up in bed, the parents party hard downstairs,
not with alcohol , but with class A drugs.

These are the thirty something mega rich and successful, who
find it hard to give up their youthful ways and fun, when faced with the responsibility
of raising children. And their argument goes that that is why you hire a nanny!


Not taking parental responsibility seriously is also not new
or just the western attitude. My Parents couldn’t bring themselves to be confined
to the home and read me stories. They had wild parties. They went away for
weeks, leaving me in charge of the nannies and servants. But I came to no harm
as I had all the creature comforts and was under the supervision of some
excellent staff.

But these trendy parents of today, have parties with “Coke
and kids”, and this is supposed to be the accepted approach to parenting in
middle classes. The commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair is
on record as saying that “; people are having dinner parties where they drink
less wine, and snort more Cocaine”.


The article goes on to list various horror stories of  babies being left in the room where there is
bits of “white powder” around. Some take their children to such gatherings, and
leave them sleeping un-attended, while they are out of their minds snorting

So how come we have no strategy or open condemnation for
such behaviour?  How come we generally
assume that drug addicts are only the product of poverty, ignorance neglect and
lack of parental control?  And that these
children in turn will be parents of similar generation.

Can we excuse such behaviour because these parents send
their children to the best primary school, bring them up to mind their p`s and
q`s , and feed them organic food?

Why do we not hear about this more, condemn it more ?

And does having enough money means that these parents are
not condemning these children to as awful a future as the poor children?

Does wealth justify bad behaviour?




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