What Integration?

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Sometime ago when I was a part of the advisory council for
the BBC`s local radio,I opposed the proposition strongly, that there should be
a separate channel for the Asian listeners in this country. My humble opinion
didn’t matter and the organisation went ahead and created a channel, which was
available only digitally. 


Now am glad that there is such a channel, as they tackle
some difficult issues every morning in their phone- ins and the documentaries
they make.

I often take part and listen to these debates. And am
astonished as to how much resistant to change and integration some groups of
Asians are. Despite having lived here for generations.

A couple of days ago there was a phone in on having pride in
Britain’s sporting achievements, and yesterday on marrying against your parents




The message coming loud and clear was very negative. Not
many wanted to associate themselves with the union flag, or have any pride in
anything to do with this country. And as far as marrying someone outside their
community was an almost unforgivable sin.

So what has happened to all the money the government and
other agencies have spent on community cohesion, multi- culturism and other
futile exercises?


Some think that when the first wave of immigrants arrived in
the early fifties they integrated more readily. I don’t think that was the
case. They kept a low profile and made no demands and worked hard, they did not
integrate. They never understood the culture or the people of their adopted
country. That is why there is a whole generation who doesn’t speak English.
They had no understanding of the host nation, which they could pass on to their
children. As a result we have young Asians who are angry on behalf of their parents.
I feel so sorry for the young people who are trapped in this circle.

They were born here, they want to be part of their peer
group, they want to have the freedom to marry who they like, they want to be able
to party and dress and they are not allowed. They are denied this because their
parents have chosen to  live separate lives
than others. I feel that if there is to be integration by the next generation,
then they should be freed from these shackles of traditions, and religion. If people
want to adhere rigidly to a certain culture then they have to go to a place
where they can find it. A European secular country is not the place to expect
it or force your children to do so. As long as these restrictions will remain
the young people will  be confused and
torn in their loyalties. Often men come on air and loudly proclaim that women
should not dress in a certain way ,or should not go out to work. It is quite  shocking to hear orthodox and inflammatory views
in this day and age, and after millions of pounds of our money has been spent
on loony schemes, there is no change in peoples views.

If the people coming and speaking on the radio are the
gauge, then am very pessimistic about the future.




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