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Oh dear, the arguments about who is real and who is a fake
ID doesn’t seem to go away from these pages. In the last few days there have
been many claims and counter claims.


I really admire the time and effort people use to prove or UN-prove
that they are someone else. One has to admire their efforts.

But it is a bit of fantasy I think, if people adopt another
identity, perhaps they are fulfilling a desire to be someone else.


|I thought on this wet and miserable Saturday evening, when
there is nothing on the box to watch, and I will have to resort to either my
book or my computer Scrabble.

And then I wondered that how would it be to indulge in a bit
of fantasy ourselves?


If we imagine that we are travelling to another country,
first of all which country will you choose?


I would go to Australia. I have always wanted to
see the Sydney Opera House, the upside down seasons and since watching
Crocodile Dundee, I have a crush on those hunky men!


Which country will you choose and why?


Then I thought that who would I have as my companion, or who
would I like to sit next to me on that long haul flight?


Now that was a tough one! I was thinking of various figures
who are good conversationalists. They have to have a pleasant personality too, don’t
you think?

So I thought I will have Jeremy Paxman. He is good looking,
(have seen him close up), has a great way with words, and oh boy, he will have
some stories to tell!


Who will you choose and why?


And finally, if you are stranded in anyone one place in the
world, where would that be?

 Would love to remain
in New York.
I love the way the city throbs with life. There is something very alive and
cheerful about that place. As soon as I land there I feel energised and raring
to go! I don’t know why.


It will be nice to hear all of your choices.




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