Have they got it right?

Women have changed over the years. They are more confident and liberated and of course they are no more chained to the kitchen sink or the nursery.

It is a long time since I was a mother of young children. I took my role seriously and gave up my career to bring them up.Though am very proud of how they have turned out,but i cant help wondering at times if  I missed out on a llot.

Today`s young mothers have the freedom to chose career and parenthood.They have personal trainers who can come home and help them regain their figures,there are gyms which open all hours to facilitate easy access.

I have seen ther changes too, women today dress in a very skimpy clothes. They go on hen parties, nights out and just simply for “drinks” with their mates. I have never had such liberty or oppurtunities.Firstly because I came from an Asian culture,where such things were unthinkable, and secondly I just didnt  feel very comfortable inviting undue attention to my body.

But todays women dress as they wish, and not just in the West,but while I was in India last year,the capital city was awash with night clubs,pubs and women in micro minis and boob tubes. I found all the middle aged lamenting the demise of modesty. And the rise in attacks on females on attire.

I dont think it is as simple as that. I think women have fought for and have got a certain status in todays society. And they are flaunting it a bit in every way. In competing with careers and in doing as they please, and men..well they are at a loss, and in danger of becoming an oppressed minority!!!

So what do you think? Have what women have got today is their just desreves or have they gone over the top?

Are they having it all? Or was this due a long time?




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