Ideal of Marriage

So the divorce rate among the over sixties is very much up since 1997. It seems more and more couples are saying enough is enough and going their own way.

I meyt someone in town the other day, I have not seen her for about four or five years. She looked a bit run down and on my inquiry casually replied that she and her husband were seperating after thirty eight years of marriage.

I was a bit lost for words, but did manage a squeaky “why”. She just shrugged her shoulders and said that they were just “not getting along”

Longevity of marriage is no guarantee of happiness we know. But today`s over sixties are probably not willing to spend the rest of their lives in a relationship where they are not 1100% happy and content.

This also raises another question. Why should we marry? The marriage rates are the lowest now since the records began in 1862.

Has marriage as an institution been hyped up? There are cultures and relgions which will not tolerate sex or relationship without marriage at all. Marriage it is said was necessory when women had no possesions of their own and men needed sons and heirs to carry on with their name. It is also said that it afforded women respectability.

.The lure of tax breaks for married couples is being tlked about,but would it halt the decline of this dying trend?

When people in their Sixties find that they cant tolerate each other after spending almost a life time together,then should we stop being romantic about it and accept that this parrot is dead!

So what do you think? What does the over sixties divorce rate says, and would you do it if given a chance?

And marriage, should it continue to be an institution? And will you do it again if your life was starting all over again?






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