Relationshiphs for Beginners

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, I have just been watching a new series on C4, called “Marriage for


It is a documentary, a young man who is about to be married
is seeking advise and looking for tips for a happy marriage.


I thought on this site we have some very successful and long
marriages. Only yesterday Pigswil announced they were celebrating sixty years
of marriage. There are others too, who have from time to time talked about
their long relationships.


OK , let us open it up to ALL successful relationships. In
this day and age it is perfectly respectable and acceptable to live with each
other. As people said in their comments that it is the personal, responsibility
and commitment.


So what is important in a relationship?   Could you please give one tip, which you think
has helped your relationship last?


I would have been married for nearly thirty seven years this
October. Don’t you dare say how old! I was a child bride you know!


Anyway, I think in our marriage the contributory factor
might have been that my husband is a very patient man. And that am a very open
person, no resentment or anger lasts long with me. Once I have had my say, I
move on. Some say this might be fool hardy ,but it is just the way  I am. I also don’t do secrets, am frank and don’t
pretend to be someone am not. This may or not have contributed to our relationship but because my husband is a very patient man!


Well that is enough about me, that is my one tip for what it
is worth, or may be it is more than one,  but then I am the one writing this so I can
take a bit of liberty!


Who knows these tips might be useful for someone embarking
on a relationship, or someone might want to put them in a book.

 So what advise will you give to someone embarking on a relationship?

We will of course have the sopyright.


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