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Avatars and You

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How and why do you choose your avatar?


And what does it say to others?

I can only talk of my impressions, as to what I think of
some of the avatars. Please tell me of your s.


It is a bit of cheating too, as I have got to know most of
you to some extent , and some of you rather well. So my observations are not
based purely on the avatars either.

|Then some of you have changed them too. But some of you
have still have the one you started blogging with.


First of all myself. Why did I chose my photo? I have never
blogged before, I have no fear that anyone will come after me. And I have this
little bit of desire to be known!

I do vary it , simply because I wonder if you all will be fed
up of looking at the same face!  I have
changed to a flower from my garden, because I wanted to show it off, and now to
an exotic bird, just to say am free and colourful! Make what you will of it.


Remember these are just personal observations and a bit of fun,
so don’t get cross with me.


Squarepeg. Has stayed with the same avatar from the beginning.
A person who likes accuracy and precision. A bit of stickler for details. Hence
the squarepeg, she knows it is not easy what she has set out to do!


Elle. A man who likes to be detailed, serious and likes to
be taken seriously. His  Yin and Yang
avatar was to emphasise that he has balanced views.


Bearsy. When someone  tries to emphasise that they are bad tempered
and growl,they are usually a softie at heart. I his growl is the worst bit.


Boadicea. An staunch bearer of standards, or wants to be..
Though is sensitive and kind underneath.


Shermeen. Started with  the Arabic word “Peace” or Salam. Shows that
she is a staunch believer and is proud of it. The present one is very
insignificant and doesn’t do justice to her personality.


Janh1. Comes across as a petite, gentle and artistic being.
And her avatar does justice to her.


These are some of my thoughts. Tell me yours, as to what
does an avatar says to you about the person?


And what made you choose your avatar? And what do you want
it to say about you?

 And if you would like to suggest an avatar for someone please feel free.

But please be polite


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