Living For Others


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There was a time when  there used to be one news bulletin,
on the radio or the television, and we never bothered much about the news, or
what made it rest of the time.


Now we have half hourly news bulletins and many rolling news
channels, if we switch on the computer, opening page contains news then there
are instant pop ups with the attest headlines.


Are our lives now  a
days shaped and driven by the media?


Do we behave in a certain way because we are tod to, or is
it the behaviour which makes the headlines?


Let me explain.


At least in our household our certain behaviours are shaped
by what we are told!

Take the weather reports. As soon as the man says that it is
going to be hot/cold, my husband takes precautionary measures. Never mind that
the forecaster is talking about the maximum/minimum temperature. Measures are
taken accordingly, and the house is either heated or cooled, without there ever
being a need to do so!


You have a faulty body thermostat, I mutter darkly, while
trying to keep myself cool or warm, as the case may be.


Take our shopping habits. Especially around  Christmas. As soon as the news declares that a
certain item is selling very well. We all go looking for it, and the next thing
is we are told that there is shortage “due to great demand”. And more people are driven to acquire it.


Recession, house sales, interest rates and the price of
goods ,it is all handed to us on our breakfast table. Where various pundits
come and give us their wisdom and we behave accordingly.


Do you agree that our lives are shaped and run by what
the media says. We think/act and behave the way our headlines/commentators tell us to.

Are we being driven to be certain types of people according
to the atmosphere created for us?

How did the people in earlier times managed without so much
exposure to guidelines for living. And the information?

I do know that people living in remote villages in the third
world, are a lot more happier and contented. They live their lives as they want
to. Not because some media person is telling them what  the others are doing.


Does constantly knowing about everyone else and their lives
make us envious/ sad/ or does it have no effect?




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