Maggie where are you?

I have not seen Maggie for a few days. I visited her blog page and all her blogs have been deleted.

Maggie is a prolific bloger, there must have been hundreds of articles,which are now deleted.,

But WHY?

I do know that Maggie writes controversial blogs on religion and mostly on Islam. Such writings might upset some, but they open a dailogue with others and we get to hear both points of view.

Elle too writes detailed blogs, which he painstakingly researches, and some might find it boring,but I for one have learnt a great deal ,from his blogs and the explanations given by others.Elle is never rude,or abusive. I dont see why his writings should be censored.

Lately Elle too has complained that his blogs have been removed and no expalanation given. Other bloggers too have been censored.

Am not sure what the MT management are  trying to do, They seem to be  going the wrong way about it.

In my experience if you force people to follow a chosen and sanitised route to discussion, it fails.

What is wrong with being challenged? It opens up a daiogue, and what is wrong with explaining your motive or point of view?

I hear a lot of anger expressed on the BBc`s Asian network against this country and its people. Some of that stuff will be deleted here.but it gets posted on the politicaly correct BBC.

I may be wrong, and Maggie may be on holiday, but WHY HAVE ALL HER BLOGS BEEN DELETED?

So please, Maggie if you are reading this reassure us, or if not then can the mods reassure us?

I find this very disturbing, and not at all condusive to any kind of harmony.racial or otherwise.


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