Being Angry

A mother was convicted yesterday for biting the ear, of her son. She mistakenly thought that he has hurt his younger sister. She was in jail for a month or so, and her children were taken into care. What makes a parent,especially a mother so angry that she can bite off a part of her child`s anatomy?

One of the local health authority is organising anger management courses for adults. And of course the tragic case of the school shooting yesterday in Finland. That man was so angry and filled with hate that he has made repeated statements privately that he wanted to kill as many people as possible.

As I write this am listening to the news about the parents who are undergoing a trail for brutally killing their toddler. He had appalling injuries and some of his fingers were missing.So the ferocity of their angry attack is beyond my comprehension.And that too against an innocent child.

Anger is a destructive emotion, but we need it in moderation. As rational human beings we are able to control it. But there are instances when we can and do lose it. Even on this site,from time to time people are very angry and throw insults around. Sometimes using quite strong language.

Am a coward! I hate having stand up rows. I used to get cross with mychildren, and they can still wind me up. Sometimes people persisting in a futile argument and insisting that they are right, when clearly they are not makes me angry too, but I tend to just leave the room!

What makes you really angry? Has there ever been a time when you have completly lost it?

What makes some people so angry that they can kill/ harm children and upset neighbours?

People in Asia and the Mediteranian are more emotional and fly off the handle easily. But the British have always been known for their cool and rational behaviour, so what has changed?






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