Growing old

I think it was Grumpy Larry who once commented on something I have said that “it is funny how you women worry about age. True I thought.

I should know, I feel the way my image has changed in the eyes of the world. No one wolf whistles or opens a door for me. Builders who used to shout from top of the ladder to come and join them “dahling” now carry on doing whatever it is they are doing. You console yourself ,saying that it is al this political correctness. Men just dont pay compliments any more for the fear of being branded sexist.

I used to be a speciality nurse for heart disease, and the number of times I used to be invited to “you can look at my heart any time, dahling”!It irritated me at the time, But now I know I will not have the same response! Does it bother me? I think it does.

People who are trying to raise the spirirts of the older women, like Twiggy and other models have their own crosses to bear. I was reading that Twiggy doesn`t allow herself to be photographed untill midday,that is when the bags under her eyes are less prominent. And all the while she sits with a bag of frozen peas pressed to her eyes!

So why does it bither us so much? We are the same people underneath those wrinkles. Hopefully our brain has not become mush,and we are a bit wiser and measured in our dealings.We know what men are about, not like when we were teenagers,and full of delicious curiosity,about the opposite sex. After a lifetime of picking up their socks and cooking for them, we are well aware of what is in store.

Men don`t if ever worry about their age. Apart from a few minor physical problems,age does not pull them apart as it does,us women. They are not bothered about their looks, or figure as much as we are.

So why do we women worry about getting old? And why do men not care about it?

Why Oh Why, am reading all the adverts of anti aging procedures/ cremes, and secretly wishing someone will make me ten years youger?




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