For Christina Osborne


Dear Christina

Have specially take the pictures of my garden today, for you. For some reason am unable to post the photos on the blog, but they are in my gallery for you, under the heating my garden in autumn,hope you will like them.

I read up on the phormiums for you, they are classed as the “easiest of plants”. No maintenence required and I have certainly not done so.

I had sent away for the various free Liley bulbs offer from the daily Telegraph., so have been planting them . There has not been rain for a while, and the ground was rock hard. And then the japanese anemone needed cutting back, The Honeysuckle wants its waywardness curbed and the roses needed to be stopped in their tracks!

I spent so much time in digging and planting that I had no time to bring all my conservatory plants back in. Am just hoping it will not turn too cold tonight.

September is a funny month. The hustle bustle of the summer is over.It is a sort of half season, between summer and winter.The sunlight is paler and weaker. The leaves having lost their youth are now thinner and more trasnlucent. The evening sun filters through them, The shadows are longer. I can see how the sun changes course. The shadows lenthen, and a long ray of gold comes from the side of the house and settles on my Phormium, giving a spot light effect. Lighting the sword like leaves and adding to its majesty.

The honeysuckle is still fragrant, and the Sedum is flowering its heart out,the Lavender and the vanilla scented Jasmine is still luring the bees. And the Wisteria and the water lilies in my pond are still blooming.

It was getting dark by the time I came in. A productive day in garden, and hopefully it has made you feel a bit less broody for plants!

Take care and keep smilling, am thinking of you.

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