Fancy a job?


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Did you hear that  the
spy agency MI 5 is recruiting people from the social networking site “Facebook”!


Well I have always said that it is possible to gauge a
person by reading their writings.

I don’t know if am right, but these candidates must have
given something away, as to what sort of people they are, so that the elite agency
is considering them as potential employees.


So do we give away too much of ourselves on the internet?

Am a very bad example, and am in trouble with family members, because I talked
about them.

I always found that people confide more in total strangers,
than they do to people who are the nearest and dearest.


But what qualities it takes to be hired by MI5?  Do you think they will come looking for recruits
on this site? Can you see here suitable personalities for hire?


Am not sure what sort of jobs they have to do in that
agency, apart from being a spy. Do they take on various roles  among the general public or they just sit in
the office listening to the phone calls? Would someone tell us?


Any way who are the suitable candidates on this site for the


Here are some  of my


 Christina and
Boadicea, as the head of the MI5/6.


Araminta and Christopop as the creative directors, who might
devise wonderful plots.


Marya, to keep the enemy mesmerised by her wonderful verse.


Soutie and jackdaw for technical stuff, listening and
devising traps etc;.


I cant think of a job for myself, lacking the sharpness and
tact required for the job, can anyone suggest one for me please?

Oh and Cymbeline for tricking the enemy!


Now it is over to you!




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