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Did anyone read the about the survey ,conducted by  One poll, an internet research company, which
has surveyed 4000.happily married couples to find out the secret of their

The results read like clinical instructions. It seems to
stay happily married you have the following.



Three romantic gestures a month.


Two romantic walks.


Two romantic gifts.


Three home cooked meals.


One breakfast in bed.


Two dinner dates.


Seven cosy nights in.


One trip to the pub, one to the cinema and six proper


Oh and you should have two holidays a year, plus short
breaks. And you should cuddle each other at least three times a day.


Well, I thought, looking down the list, we as a couple have never
done anything of the sort so far, and dare I say are not going to start now!


How could you create a formula for something as intimate as
a marriage?  Never have had such
attentions I can not identify with this prescription, but I dare think most men
will be alarmed and as someone said, that most men eye romance as a “necessary

The reason men buy the first bunch of flowers/lingerie  or perfume, is because they feel uncomfortable
and ill at ease buying them. I dare say mine has never been subjected to it! He
has never felt the need and I have been too proud to ever mention it. Though,  he does buy me gifts on my birthday and at  Christmas.

As they say mean are from Mars and women are from Venus. We
expect, because we have been conditioned to do so, and they comply, to ward off
our disappointment


So in your opinion is there anything in those requirements
which contributes to a happy and long marriage?  I do not think that a happy or a durable marriage has its origins in a
formula, which has romance as its base. I think we as women have been talked
into it by commerce. Well I would say that wouldn’t I ! But do men really want
to be romantic?

I wonder.




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