Double Lives

Did anyone read the story of the man (a consultant pediatrician)  who had a love nest ,complete with three children.,only three miles away from his marital home, where his wife,with whom he has four grown up children lived!

And of course the case of the man Melvyn Reed, who had heart by pass, and all his three wives met at his bedside for the first time. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall on that occassion!

I come from a culture where men have multiple wives and mistresses, and the society turns a blind eye. I suppose they think that it is punisment enough for the man. He has to remember birthdays, re assure them that they are still beautiful , and try and keep secrets. And of course as the joke goes , having more than one mother in law is enough penalty.

I wonder though as to why there are not more women with more than one husband? And as someone said we are good at mult-tasking, we are good at proping up flagging egos and other things, then why do we not amuse ourselves with husbands on the “side”?

I do wonder if men will find it harder to cope if their being the second or the third husband, than women do? Is it harder for a man to share his spouse than the other way round?

Men spend a lot of money on their mistresses am told,more than they ever would on their wives. Would women who are thrifty by nature will do the same?

So how will women behave if they had “live in” lovers ?What will be the major difference?

And is it ever justified to live such an elaborate life?

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