The Human Race


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I wonder what makes good people ignore all the dangers and
go to dangerous places . Is it purely because , despite what we believe, human
beings have a generosity of spirit and kindness in their make up, and they want
to make a difference to other peoples lives.

Not long ago, a young photographer was shot dead while
trying to shield children from gun fire. He was in his late twenties. And
today, thirty four year old, Gale Williams was shot dead, in Afghanistan, where she was helping
a charity which looked after handicapped and blind children.

Places like Afghanistan and other Eastern countries treat handicapped children are not given any opportunities,
or good care.  I know as one of my
cousins has a handicapped daughter, who is kept hidden in a room, and is just
fed and watered.


I suppose a lot of people assume that if someone who is not
from their culture/religion is trying to do some good in your country , then
they must have an ulterior motive. They either are spying or they are after
converting the locals to their own religion.


Is it because we have no faith left in our fellow human


I listen to various radio debates, and sometimes you begin
to believe that the ALL the Westerners are against Muslims, and  the Westerners say  that all the Muslims are out to kill them and
each other. I was quote alarmed to hear some one say on the programme “Question
Time” the other day that some people are refusing to be treated by any doctor
who has a beard or a Muslim name.


It is so sad that we relish looking only for the worst side
of our respective cultures. The truth is that there are European men and women
who are willing to risk their lives, in order to help in the war zone. And
those who have come into contact with the ordinary Muslim in any country, will
vouch for their hospitality and kindness.


It is because these days we  a very generalised view of others. The other day,when I mentioned that am
a member of this website, the reaction was that , the newspaper and this website
are racist and have Islamophobes.

Though there is a robust debate here, and it often gets out of
hand, and insults fly, it will be wrong to say that this site or the paper is racist.


So do you agree that we only look at the worst possible traits
of a culture and people?

That the world is full of courageous and kind people , and that
we have blinded ourselves and we don’t look f or the good among our fellow human

I think we all are better people than we give ourselves credit

I do hope you agree.

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