The Colour of Lust.

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Have you heard of this latest research?


Psychologists at the University of Rochester,
ran a series of experiments, on how colours affect male attitudes towards
women. And found that the presence of the colour red, always caused men to rate
women as more attractive.


Now, I have just looked at  my photograph, and trust me when I say that I have not heard of this
research, when this picture was taken last year!


So come to think of it , this must be the reason that all
those romantic hearts , and roses are coloured red. And in the East, a bride
can only wear red. I understand now, that the colour was chosen by ancient
Asian cultures to, lure the bridegroom / husband to instantly fall for his
bride, all dressed up in that colour of passion and attraction.


In this experiment, the test subjects were shown pictures of
women, either in white, blue or grey, and they were asked, how attractive that
woman is. And it seems, that women wearing red, women are likely to be treated,
to a more expensive outing. As the men, answering questions said that they will
take those women to a  better quality restaurant
for a date.


And wait for it! It seems that non-human male primates such
as Baboons and Chimpanzees are also attracted to the colour red.

The effect of colour is well documented on human behaviour,
we all know how it affects our mood. But it is interesting to know that men
instantly find women in red attractive, and are willing to spend more on a
woman such attired.


But remember that the red effect only applied to men, and
only to their perception of attractiveness. It did not change the rating of the
pictured woman, in terms of likability, intelligence or kindness!


Ah well! You cant have it all.


So I want to ask the MT gentlemen, if this is true, have
they ever been drawn to someone instantly? Just because they were wearing red?
And if so were they willing to take such a lady on an expensive date?


And Ladies, will you be willing to don red , simply to have
an expensive dinner?


And is it the person or the way they are dressed important,
when it comes to attraction?


Over to you!


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