Being a Believer

Children are born believers, says a conference in Cambridge.

In one study, children aged six or seven were asked questions like why the birds existed, they replied that it is to make the world nice and to make nice music.


The conclusion is that children or mankind are born with an in built belief system and do not need any indoctrination.


Am not sure about this. I remember that as a child I only developed a concept of a creator and the super natural by listening to stories, watching the world around me go about worshiping a God, and fearing His wrath.

India where I was born and brought up is steeped in religion. Various castes and customs. Places of worship everywhere, and almost every month there is a public holiday celebrating some religious festival. That country has many religions.

As a child and a young adult I had many friends from various faiths, and was invited to their religious festivals. And that means food and merry making! I was very interested in food and fun and never paid much attention to what their faith meant.

I suspect there were, and are many such beings who practice the same trait!


My impressions have been that man kind used the name of religion to vent their own agenda. Killed and maimed and took advantage of the oppressed and the poor. Religious people often were so full of self righteousness that they never considered someone from another or no faith, a worthy human being.


Recently I have read something for the first time about a religion which held my attention. For the first time some of my thoughts were echoed.

Love humans for just being humans, ir respective of their race, colour or religion. Reject nothing and look down at no one, I have believed and reading about Sufism, I found that there are faiths who do believe in such things and not being superior ,and trying to look down at another.


While on holiday in Turkey we went to the whirling Dervishes. They are the followers of this faith and judging by the popularity of the show , they are greatly admired.


So it s not that am turning religious in my old age, just that for the first time I found that what I have believed is part of a doctrine.


Have you ever found your thoughts echoed and your own principles emphasised in any faith?

Do you believe that you were groomed to follow a faith from childhood?

Did you reject it or has it shaped your religious beliefs?






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