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Bloggers meeting,Amicus where were you?????

It was grey wet and cold here today but we were feeling very smug and warm among ourselves.

Except that is for Amicus, who disappointed us and not even a note or a word to say he will not be there.

What happened to you sir?

Anyway I opened the door to the elegant boistrous Christina and her “Spousal unit”! A charming man with quite but twinkling eyes. They came bearing gifts. Beautiful tropical plants in lovely ceramic and very expensive looking containers. There was this lady in front of me, and I felt as if she was a long lost friend. Strange thing ths blogging, you have never set eyes on someone, but you build a rapport with them. You share pain and laughter and you trust each other.

She is lively, opinionated and has a very strong mind, the very qualities I admire her for. And her husband is a charmer,quite , gentle and who is very much in tune with her.

And the lovely WW, brave and determined set off from Derby to get here at lunch time. We did have a wobbly moment when she texted that she was caught in a traffic jam and it has been an hour. And it was snowing heavily. Oh dear I thought would she have to turn back? But determined as she was,she duly arrived in time for lunch. I have met WW before, she is a lot of fun. Well dressed and fashionable, she is an inspiration to all of us who dont pay much attention to our appearences.

We all gathered at the appointed resturant, and found Oldie Crumdgeon waiting for us. I tend to form a mental picture of everyone,and most of the time the reality seems dfferent!

OC I thought will be a grumpy man,may be a bit on the podgy side! I was not prepeared for the dapper, slim and well dressed man. He reminded me a bit of the actor David Niven. Sorry OC if you dont like him.

Once the introdutions were over it felt as if we all have known each other for ages. We enjoyed the good food and the conversation flowed.We were old friends! Well at least more than a year since we have known each other.

Soon it was time to go. It was too soon I thought, but both Tina and WW were travelling far, and the weather was foul. So I had to reluctantly say good bye.

In the last few days I have logged on and bolted! The site seemed to erupt in anger. An I wondered why had I joined it. But I got my answer today, meeting such select and like minded people is not easy, one can go through a lifetime, and not come across them.

I have also met, Boadicea, Shermeen, Janh, AntB, Amicus, Shermeen and of course WW,and have found them all to be charming,interesting and fun.

Might I say I have found it to be a life enriching experience? Yes I think so.

So thank you MT, for having so many good people on one site.

And Chritina.WW, OC,and the delightful husband of Tina, thank you for brightening my day.

And can Ped or Soutie advise how to post the photos please? I have downloaded them and they are in my picassa album. When I browse file and open them the blogsite is not downloading them!


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