Moral Judgement

I was going to blog about the Shannon Matthews saga, but I see that everything which needs to be said has been said.

However there was something the police officer said in the closing minutes of the Panorama programme , which has stuck in my memory, and I wonder what others think .

He said that there is a general belief that the more children you have, the more money you get, and you can “opt out” from the normal society . We should, he said; pity less and judge more.

I think he has a point there. We seem to be quite immune to the fact that some women have seven to eight children by as many men. Ms Matthews stated that she had six, in her initial statements. It took her a while to remember that she had a seventh child !  Can a woman forget giving birth to one?

Am not advocating that the West, become like the Eastern culture. Where  having a child out of wedlock is still greatly frowned upon. Divorce rate is less, though it means that some couples live in miserable relationships. But stay together for the sake of the family name and for the fear of ridicule. 

But are we too ready to accept anything in the name of being liberal and free?

There was a time when adultery was frowned upon, now there are websites who cater purely for married people who want to have a “fling”.

This morning the BBC were doing a phone and asking if Ms Matthews was “evil”. The police said that she was. But is it fair to put the whole blame on her?  Is the benefit system and the society which asks no questions and makes no judgement not an encouragement for such behaviour?

I think it is a bit much when the media gets on their high horse and next day ask such questions and prints all the details of the alleged three hundred or so sexual partners she has allegedly had. Who was keeping a tally? And does it not show that the newspapers want to publish these salacious details to sell more papers?

Otherwise their pages are full of advertisements and pictures which are there purely to sell sex.

So who should be responsible? The State? The parents or the now non existent religion? 

Do you think there is a problem and this kind of behaviour is un acceptable or as someone said; ”no one died” . So why make such a fuss?

Why indeed.

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