Men and Reading


It is official!


Research carried out for the National Year of Reading has shown that men are twice as likely as women to lie about what books they have read to try to impress on a first date.


So, gentlemen, how do you go about it? Do you search through the reviews to find the books you think will impress us, or do you just mention names of books, you don’t think a would have bothered with?


I want a bit of clarification though, what impresses us more? A book which will not appeal to us, but we would respect a man who has ploughed through it? Or do we want our suitors to have read the Joanna Trollopes and Harold Robbins?


I found a great place to impress and be impressed is a book festival. Recently I was at Cheltenham at one such event. I must admit I was impressed by men who were reading serious books than just fiction. I don’t think I will be very impressed by a man reading chick lit; . But will regard a man reading the History of Britain or the memoirs of Winston Churchill as a heavy weight.


Is it not a bit snobbish though to gauge a person by his choice of reading? How about those men who don’t read, are not interested in books but are still articulate, informed and good looking. Do they not tick all the boxes?


Am not snobbish, but I do like a man who is well read, informed and is articulate. Nothing puts me off more than someone who is fumbling to say something , ends every sentence with “what I mean” or swear words, or rambles on!


So if men can lie to impress about their reading, then what would you consider will be their or your book of choice? Can you suggest suitable titles?


And what about women? What would they like to see a man read, or lay claim to have read?






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