Am testing the waters!

Since the site was “down for mantenence”,dare I assume that they might have fixed my problem?

I can hope and hence this blog to see what happens.

Tis the season of goodwill and peace they say,it surely is not on this site,there are enough blogs and comments insulting each other. Oh well perhaps that is the way some amuse themselves.

So it is a week or so to Christmas. For various reasons this will be the first time since my first child was born that we will be on our own. Every year at least one of them has woken up with us on Christmas morning, and other would follow either later or the next day.

This year daughter will be coming on the Boxing day and stay till the weekend.and then we will travel to be with our son for the new year.So this year all of us wil not be together at the same time.

I wondered why I felt disappointed, there are plenty of prople who are alone,homeless and some are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

I wondered if it is the emphasis on the “family”, on cards, on the television, and in films.

Happy , smiling faces, food ladden tables and happiness all around.

We all know that reality can be different. But those of us who have a reasonably happy festivities, feel disappointed if things dont happen as always.

Am so lucky,to have my family in the same country,and to have them healthy and settled in their lives.

I have this community,where you all are approachable and one can spend a good deal of time exchanging views and sharing.

So to  ALL OF YOU LOVELY People.

Have a great time and hope the New Year is whatever you want it to b





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