Taking Stock

Tis the season to be jolly!

   It is indeed a time to be happy and generous and forgiving,but this month also marks the end of the year.

So it  is a time to take stock of everything that has happened in the last twelve months, and may be discard some memories and preserve and cherish some.

I  look at the year which is rapidly slipping away and, and wonder if I can learn something from my mistakes and preserve my good deeds,if there were any.

Early in the year I lost my mother and then the hope flickered in my heart that may be my sister and I will now start a new phase of our relationship, so I flew out, wanting to protect her and look after her, and do everything I could.

I soon learnt that these feelings were mainly one sided, namely mine. There was no desire on her part to keep any contact or relationship. This time I did relaise it, and not put it down to a grief reaction, and came back though heart broken, but wiser. When it had happened two years earlier when our father died, I was traumatised by her rejection,but kept telling myself that perhaps it is due to the grief.

This time I accepted it,may be having lived away from family I wanted to cling on to what I considered to be my roots. But now I realise that my life here, my children, their partners and the future grand children, and the wonderful friendships I have made through the years are my wealth and my world.

This has given me peace of mind, and I think that sometimes pain brings healing.This was a very important lesson which came to me this year.

I have also have had the good fortune to meet some super people, from this blog site,like minded, clever kind and warm. A few will remain my friends for a long time to come, as I like and trust them.I was asked to become a trustee for a women`s charity in our town, I was flattered, as it is a cause close to my heart.

I suppose that important people like the celebrities and the politicians etc; have important things to take stock of but ordinary folks like me only can recall and learn from our ordinary life, which has a lesson for us each passing year.

Have you any thing you want to recall or ponder upon before the year is out? Is there something which has taught you a lesson or made you wiser for the future, or something which you rather forget?
How was this year for you?
I hope the next one is a good one.

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