A Thought

So Christmas came and went, and what semed like a flash. Despite the gloomy outlook on my part it turned out not to be too bad. On the day itself,we had a couple of friends for lunch. One of them actually has had some problems in his life. About four years ago his wife disappeared with his three children,with no trace. Though he did manage to track them down, and has to get a court order to see them, they all are still apart. He visits them twice a month,but the children who are now in their late teens,still refuse to come back and see him in their old home. So for last four years or so I invite him most weekends and holidays for lunch. Though there is not a great deal in common among us, and if given a choice,I would not have chosen to spend time with him, but he has become a sort of appendage.

I sometime moan and groan, but then think of him being on his home alone, on wekends and Christmas, and invite him over,but the problem is that he has become dependent on it! And expects it. And to top it it all he is a vegetarian, so I have to cook seperately for him, and that spmetime becomes a chore.

But I digress.

So the Christmas day was a vegetarian lunch, washed down with a decent wine, and it didn`t seem too bad.And since we will visit our son for the new year,suddenly it felt that all was well with the world.

Boxing day was icy and frosty, and daughter arrived lunchtime,having finished her on call at 9m and then driving from Manchester. We had a good traditional lunch and all was well.Sometimes I feel that once you become a parent, and especially a mother,your happiness or the lack of it depends on your children and your nteraction with them. Why cant it be like the animal kingdom,where once the young are able to fend for themselves,they are turfed out
and the parents never bother again about them and vice versa?
It must be a human need which is triggered by the hormones and becomes part of you.I have often wondered as to why are we so besotted with our progeny.

Some cultures treat their children as posessions, the good name and reputation of their family depends on how the next generation turns out. A huge burden on the young ones.And then they are expected to look after their parents, support them financially,and physically. I somehow prefer the attitude of the west,where parents make their own provisons for their old age. Having been on the giving side for both my parents and the large family of my inlaws.

But anyway, I still can not work out what is it with parental love, mothers love and all that jazz, why are we inflicted with it and are never cured. Our lives are changed, not to speak of our figures, and our careers take a downturn and we become well..just mothers or fathers first and the rest follows.

Is this a need to be wanted, looked up to, or to protect and nurture, Or is having childrenis a big hype, and we all succumb to it?

Am still trying to figure it out!


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