Have a good time

I apologise if this is a bit early.

But am away from tomorrow,until the weekend. Celebrating new year with family in Cambridge. So thought I will pass on my best wishes and my observations for the departing year.

This year was a mixed bag,then all the years are. Very few are just good or bad. Worst part for me of course was losing my mother and the subsequent six weeks spent in India,in the searing heat and suffering the indifference of my sister.A valueable lesson learnt,then again it is the bad experiences which teach you.

The political climate got from bad to worse, the country was fast tracking towards recession but we were busy making most of the last golden days.

MT got technically worse but the membership has increased, I want to raise a glass and send my best wishes to friends who are not blogging here anymore but we would like them to!.

Terrible Turk, Coldwater John, Maggie, Shermeen, Cogito ergo sum, David Barnet, Dracula, Swift Silver, Cymbeline, WW,  James Wolfe, Katz, and many more.

On a personal note, I have learnt that you don’t need  anyone to make you happy! I have decided to value myself more, do whatever it is that gives me joy and as long as it does not hurt anyone else

just do my own thing. This is a begining of new me !!

How about you? Whatever you wish for I hope it will come true, and may you have peace and joy in the coming year.

Do add the names of the bloggers you miss on these pages and have a great year.









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