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   I was looking through the new year tag on these pages, and found that quite a few blogs, including mine were from last year, not the current ones. Whether it was an oversight, on the part of the MT, or an excercise in reflection; am not sure.

But as am feeling generous,I will settle for the latter.

 Reading through it,I found not much reason to be cheerful or to feel that things have improved since then, but then there is so much doom and gloom around this year, that the Prime Minister was doing the rounds of the television and radio stations this morning, to cheer us up.

Laughing and trying to convince us that our economy is not in as bad a shape as some other countires, and that we will recover from it shortly. And the way he was laughing and chatting with the presentor on radio Fivelive,that one almost could mistake him for our previous, “am an ordinary sort of guy” PM.

Am no economist,so I can not agree or disagree with the statement,but I do think that we should look around for reasons to be cheerfull. I know that there is a war on,and every news bulletin is full of death and destruction, but there never was and never will be total peace in the world at any given time.

January I think is  the cruellest month,and I think TS Elliot was wrong to brand April as such.At least in April the weather is getting better, the flowers are out and some of us can feed our addiction by digging and planting in our gardens.

But January? The festivities are over, we feel fat, we have spent too much and the weather is foul. Grey and freezing days, bills arriving and nothing to look forward to.

And the forecast for this year is so gloomy, for jobs and economy that we have nothing else left ,as we can not do anything else,but to cheer ourselves up with the power of positive thought!

Escapism seems to be all the rage.Keith Ledger`s final performance,sci fi fantasies, and a new Dr Who! At least Hollywood, and the BBC are, trying to lull us out of the real world for a few hours.

America is about to get a new president.He is young and good looking! So watching news should not be such a chore!And then it will be interesting to see what new policies come to fore,and how and if America begins to acquire a more positive image.

The days are getting longer! Once the midwinter is over, I fancy that by the end of this month, the evenings will surely be getting light.And the spring flowers will soon start appearing.

There is a possibility that we might have a good summer.

Surely after the first two or three months or so we would have paid some of our excesses and shed some of the flab so that will be something to look forward to!

Everything is cheaper than it was this time last year, so you have at least positive!
Otherwise we have led into such a state of despair by the media that one  does not want to get out of the bed in the morning.

I wonder if you have any positive thoughts you could share with us all?

Because God knows,we all need them.

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