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Trusting Each Other.

Did anyone see the news item in today`s DT about the postman, who was the victim of an internet fraud ?

Well it seems a 32 year old postman from Portsmouth,handed over £ 100,000 and then lost a further £ 30,000 trying to get his money back!

Well call me cynical, but my first thought was,that postmen are obviously very well paid. How else will a 32-year old postman get his  hands on this sum? Especially when the banks are allegedly being so carefull about lending money and all that.

OK so he might have got the money from an inheritence or a win on the lottery, obviously he was not careful with it was he?
Imagine,handing over the sum to a woman from America, he only met her on the internet(My space) and gave her his bank details. Now I understsand why in this country we keep getting those emails from the African states. You know the sorts, where the author is the widow of some millionaire, who has stashed his riches in some bank, and they need your bank details to unlock it!
I used to wonder, that am sure no one will fall for it, but obviously people do!

This young man gave her his bank details, when she asked for money to pay for her mothers funeral, and medical and legal expenses, so she could inherit land worth millions of dollars.

But that is not the end of the story, when our young postman suspected fraud, he contacted a website,supposedly run by the FBI. He handed them another £ 30,000 so they could track his money, and wait for it…it was another fraud!

I dont mean to sound heartless, but you couldnt make it up could you, truly real life is stranger than fiction.
Am sure he deserves our sympathy, especially when the police has told him that he stands no chance of getting his money back.
Sorry mate, it is back to double tme again!

That made me think how unreliable the internet can be. Anyone can be anyone.But do you trust or believe that everyone is who they say they are? I have been very lucky, this was my first venture into cyber space and I believed everyone to be, who they say they were. And am lucky that so far I have met some of you, and you all were geniune. Some people feel trustworthy. So if you are asked to hand over some money, who are the bloggers you will have no hesitation in doing so?
I will give to Brendano, Levent, Elle, Metin, Boadicea, Christina, Oldie Crumdgeon, Janh, AntB,Grumpy Larry, Ferret, Badger, Squarepeg, Christa, Marya, Oldtom, and almost all of the bloggers I have been talking to since last year.
Do you think am mad? How about you will you trust the people on this site?They all seem a decent bunch to me.

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