A New Era ?

Watching the President of the USA urge everyone to have mutual respect, I wondered in the present climate what is stopping us from doing the same?

 I hear that the BBC Midlands are showing a documentary today,which shows a Sharia law court in action,and suggests that the above law can work in this country.
I want to know why?
Why should this law be implemented in a secular country? People who have come to live here, came with the full knowledge as to what this country was about. So why try to have a seperate law, and in what way would it add to us living in harmony with each other?

I listen to the Asian network of the BBC. Any phone in about the future and present relationship between the communities,ends in despair. Speaker after speaker pronounces gloom. Says that the media demonises Muslims in particular and immigrants in general. Perhaps some factions of the media do, and I see angry exchanges on sites like this one.
I hear Muslims say that they have no hope for future, they say that things were better but now they have become really bad.
Where as I dont want want to be part of the slanging match or the religious facts  on this subject, I want to ask some difficult questions too.
Someone was saying that when their parents arrived in Portsmouth in the 1970s,there was no racism, but now they face hostility.
I too came here in 1970. Though nor I nor my family have ever suffered any racism, am aware that a lot of others have.
But when we complain of racism , I want us to remember a few facts too before we brand ALL the British people as racist.
There have been terrorist attacks, and unlike the empty words of Mr Bush, in this country people were caught, proven to be guilty, and some have confessed in video footage,of their motives and intentions, and they were Muslims.
In the last few years race relations has become an industry. Even if they have not been involved, a lot od do gooders have made un reasonable demands. Far too often the word racism has been used to hide personal failimgs.
When I resigned my job as a staff nurse because I was being bullied and the unit was mismanaged,a certain union suggested that if I said that it was racism i could “do well”! I was dismayed and told them so. Such short term gain stores trouble for future generations. And so it is happening.

There were preachers of hate who were openly inciting hate and murder. And we collectively failed to report or condemn them.
Women were being murdered in the name of honour and communities closed ranks, making the implementation of law impossible.
I know that the British people have a great sense of fairness and justice, we have misused it. Am embarassed. I do know that there are extreme feelings on both sides but I think it is time that we acknowledged and looked at what we are doing wrong,rather than just being victim.Before we look for support let us acknowledge where we are going wrong.
I think Asians should stop considering themselves as a seperate entity and consider themselves as part of their adopted country.
I do a lot of voluntary work and I have never come across any Asians in that field. I think being volunteer is a fantastic way of being a part of and understanding a community.

What was it that JFK said about what can you do for the country, and not the other way round.

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