Pursuit of Happiness

I hear that the American declaration of Independence in 1776,defined”the pursuit of happiness” as an unalienable right. But can one have a right to happiness?

Thank God , it is said however,that the declaration did not say that a permanent state of happiness is a human right!

In real life, it is necessary to go through the ups and downs of living.But a book by a professor of New York University is entitled” The Loss of Sadness;How psychiatry transformed normal sorrow into depressive disorder”.

I think the title of the book says it all. And am wondering if it is true. In the States having a therapist as they are called is as essential as having a dentist.Am not talking of the severe condition which is known as clinical depression and which almost paralysis you.Some of the most successful and productive people like, Winston Churchill and Samuel Johnson were known victims.
The word depression has slipped into our every day vocabulary. It is used for anything which doesnt make us feel on top of the world. Prozac was so widely dispensed by doctors and still is prescribed heavily.

I have been going round saying that I want good news. As since the begining of the month I have heard of the demise  of a close relative,my neighbours sister going into hospital for terminal cancer and the aunt of my would be son in law dying this week.Topped with the deaths and devastation in the news, and the constant predictions of gloom in the country.
So I waS “depressed”! Thinking rationally such is life. How does one claim a right to happiness?
 Health food shops were doing a roaring trade in certain herbs known as the “sunshine herb” until it was said that it can cause some quite serious side effects.
I wondered what happened in the days when the psychiatrist were not bent on making us happy? I remember after the birth of my first child,I was very “sad”.
Thinking about it, I had very difficult labour,had an operation and then was left with a demanding baby with no family or support around.I was irritable,weepy and was not coping well. But cope I did,and though it was hard work.lived to tell the tale and the child grew up to be confident and well balanced.

This doesnt mean that I dont have sympathy, trust me I do.One of my best friend has succumbed to depression ans has been treated for it.That is an illness. People often become un happy because the are lonely,bereaved or unhappy at work or in their relationship. Is it right for us to go and seek a medicalintervention? And is it right that doctors readily hand out a prescription for the happy pill? In poor countries children die young due to lack of clean water,people dont have a roof over their head and some know nothing but the slums they were born and brought up in,so is happiness relative?

I wondered what your experiences were, and do you think we have a right to happiness?

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