Inheritance Tracks

Music , they say is the food of the soul.

It plays a big part in our lives, in creating the right mmod, and in sometimes making us express ourselves. It is said that music has a very important role in your memory. Tunes can transport you to your childhood, to a painful event or to the time when you were very happy.

Our musical tastes change as we go through life. I grew up in India,where I was surrounded by Bollywood music twenty four hours a day. India`s appetite for movies is insatiable.And they love music, the louder the better. Hence from day break the cacophony starts. Every household plays their radios at full volume and shops relay it through a loudspeaker. Temples start their devotional songs andthey too are relayed through speaker.

We had a radio too, and it used to be switched on from seven in the morning. But at a reasonable volume. After a news bulletin, the requests show will commence. Song and more songs. In those days lyrics were written by poets and they meant something. I being the only child untill the age of about ten, was very happy with my own company, and listened to the songs,and they had the ability to cheer me up or sometimes ispired me. There were songs which have given me strength when I was at a low point in my life and songs which have provided me with strength to stand up and fight.

My musical taste changed somehow when I met my husband, he is a fan of Indian classical music. So I was introduced to classical instrumental and vocal music,and somehow found it strangely calming.
After coming to the UK, I became a fan of talk radio. Music became less important. When my son was given a radio for his 9th birthday and he listened more and more to radio Three, I was not that much interested. And then I heard the music of Beethoven, his 5th and ninth symphonies I found had the power to give me a sense of elation and happiness, and I was hooked.

If am asked what will be my inheritance tracks, the music I will pass on to my children to remember me by, they will be, a Sitar and violin duet by Sir Yahoodi Menuhen and Ravi Shanker. Beethoven`s 9th symphony and Mozart`s
Ein Klein Nachtmusic, it has the power to lift my spirit, and make me want to dance. This will remind them of my early life, and how the west and its music became a part of me and enhanced my life. That I understood and enjoyed the fact that my children are born in and are part of another culture,and it is part of me too.

How about you, how has your taste changed? What will be your inheritance tracks and why? How do you think it will reflect your personality and what are you about?

I would love to know.

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