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Upseting Others

 I was reading somewhere,the fifteen things you should never say to a woman. Things like;

   What have you done to your hair?
   Why are`nt you married?

   This is not the way my mother cooked it.
   How old are you?

And so it goes. We all can recall a time when we have said something we have regretted, or the way it was said implied a different meaning,than you intended. Sometimes the consequences can be dire, I knew someone who lost his job for a careless remark he made about his boss. Friendships are broken and relationships destroyed in a moment.

Sometimes women resent the fact that they are turning into their mothers,which we all, am told eventually do. I once asked someone, who looked but was not pregnant,about the expected date of the baby`s delivery!Ouch! Suffice to say we have never been comfortable with each other since. Every time I see her my mind races back to that gaff, and obviously hers does the same.
I often wondewr if men are just as touchy about certain subjects, I suspect it will have to be football/cricket or rugby? And do men hold grudges too , but then I look at some of the conversations which go on this site and, blog after blog where the same people throw insults and accusations at each other.And I suppose the answer is yes, men are just as touchy.
So what is it that makes men angry? Is there a big difference?

Sometimes I think if we are feeling angry, are tired or have some other frustration then we are offended easily, but at the time none of us stop and take account of it or admit that we over reacted.

So what has your experience been? Have you said something inadvertently, and regretted it, but have lost a friend or an opportunity. Sometimes such things have funny consequences, and sometimes tragic.

So how about telling us ?

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