Love is….???

Let us talk of Love!

Well it is near Valentine`s day, as they say love is in the air and it is alomost spring. Well it will be once we have got rid of this snow, rain and wind. According to some experts this year spring will be very colourful , as all the flowers will come out together, not like the previous years when due to the mild spell some bloomed too early.

So what is this thing we call love? Does it exist or it is something made up by poets and imaginative writers. And God knows with so much death and destruction around one wonders if it ever existed. I imagine that love  is a combination of empathy, understanding and necessity. And in the case of the opposite sex, desire comes into it.

So is it only a selfish desire or an instict for survival? Like in the case of an infant,he/she will “love” the person who would nurture him. Is it the same in all relationships? Do women look for a support and men for comfort and sex?

Or is love a many splendour thing, a beautiful , tender ,and vital for life.

If you were to describe love how would you go about it?

I would say that love is putting the other first in everything, and making sacrifices?






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