A Plea

I have never flounced, or threatened to.As I keep saying that I enjoy being here,and have met some great people and made some personal friends.

But this morning I wrote to the Mods that I wanted to stop blogging. So what some of you may say, who cares . BUT i do, because this site started off so well, it quickly became a community,we all knew something about the others and  and as  someone once said to me that this was a unique site, where people understood each other, shared their lives and experiences.
A lot of us had quite a lot in common,I found it rivettinG,it is not easy to find so many people in one place, who are interesting, well read, well informed and come from every walk of life and from every corner of the world.
I was hooked! I talked of my family difficulties, my loss, my dilemmas and everything else. It was no nice to have people who gave me honest opinions, dried my tears and at times told me to stop being silly! And they were right.

But since a fortnight or so,I log on and see the same people time after time locked in arguments. Am all for arguing and having a heated debate,but this is name calling and constantly trying to be abusive to each other. Where is the debate in that? It seems the stuff of school play ground. And there are times when people are threatening each other. What has happened? I thought we all are the mature and sensible readers of a respected news paper.

I have met some of you, and some of you have been kind enough to write to me,and I KNOW,that you all ARE decent,kind and mature people. I have met Amicus, he came to my house for a barbecue last summer, and so did WW. Amicus struck me as a mature,intellegent and respectable man, with a great sense of humour and wit. WW was charming. Boadicea visited me last year when she was in the UK, we have become good friends. Christina and Old Crumdgeon and I had lunch  together last November,they are delightful people. I have met Janh and AntB, Shermeen, Metin and others. Some bloggers write to me and I feel privileged to know them all.So I will never buy the assertion that everyone here is either fake or a criminal trying to rob/kill us.

I have always liked and respected Brendano, he came across as a decent man who stood up for others,now a days I just see him constantly in conflict. Araminta who has shown me nothing but kindness and courtesy is also derided and blogs written about and against her.

So can we all take a deep breath and think what has started it all? Why are some people so angry at the moment? I think when everyone is angry and say things which they would not otherwise, the mods step in and delete the blogs. Then the suspicion starts and blame and counter blame…and so it goes.
The only thing I can see is that may be they are here rather a lot, and freely express their opinion on everything.
Is that the reason ? Can we all just think why are we so angry with some people? And is there anything they can do to remedy the situation? When you think back, probably it is something very trivial am sure.

Just look around, this site is so worth preserving. Look at some of the blogs today. The Migrants tale by Xoldox, the last valentine by Low Wattage, such beauty and such heartfelt writing. The lovely pictures and poetry by Marya.Susan ,and Sullivan the poet. we have people writing from all corners of the world, describing in beautiful detail and we could share and enjoy so much.
So PLEASE, just hold on for a minute, just think what it is that is annoying you about someone,and rather than shouting at them ,just log off for a while and do something else.
It is a wonderful site and is worth preserving.
Right, now I will go and hide behined the chair for the rest of the evening!
Please dont be too angry with me!

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