All the Good Men and Women….

Of this site, I want advise and help please.

I have been struggling to post some pictures I took this afternoon. I had downloaded them in Picassa,and they have disappeared! I have been trwling through all the folders, and the album and I cant find them!

A most frustrating evening.

Am wondering if you will tell me a fool proof method of downloading pictures.

So here are my questions.

1. Can I download directly on my page from my camera?


2. Is there a fool proof/idiot friendly method for storing pictures,so it is easy to locate and share them?

3. Is it better to get rid of the picassa and retrieve my all my photos, and store them elsewhere, if yes then where?


4. An easier method of finding a picture.


That will do for the time being, remember you will be helping not only me but many others who were , well , hesitant to ask!


I know some of you are wizards,so in the words of Delia SSmith, “let us be havng you,where are you!?




Many thanks and I love you.
















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