Happily Ever After….

Can a marriage remain romantic and interesting throughout a couples life?

 I wonder. It is said that men are only interested in the chase. Once they have obtained the object of their desire ,they start losing interest. Besides men are not monogamous. They are always looking at other womenHappily , discussing and eying their “bits”and comparing sizes!

Do they do it because they are “just looking” or will they grab the opportunity, given a chance.
Sorry no pun intended!

So what am wondering is, once you have found your intended, married and settled down and fnished raising children then what is their to keep the flame going.

People say it ia the companionship, and it is the friendship,but speaking honestly,how many of us enjoy that? In my experience, the differences become intrusive once the couple have only themselves to concentrate on.

Men hater being told what to do. Their temper rises if they are asked to do something a certain way. Is it wrong? It is a woman who keeps house, is she not entitled to have things maintained a certain way?

I feel that when you are young and infatuated with each other, or as a woman if you are being wooed, you over look a lots of personality traits , which come to haunt you later in the life. You suddenly realise that you have very little in common apart from a couple of children and the house you live in. So what happens then?

I know of couples who are constantly arguing, they they have been married for a very long time. Logic dictates that there should be great devotion and harmony,but that is rarely seen. When the physical side of the marriage has declined then what is their to keep couples together and interested?

I know of at least two friends, whose husbands have got a newer model. And I also know a few women who are trying out other models,while they remain married!

So is the love and romance a myth? A passing phase which disappears after the first phase of life is fizzled out?
Men and women are so different,how can they spend the rest of their lives
Are you all enjoying the second or third phase of your life? If so , then do share the secret, because am sure that is not universal.

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